CSE Career Club


  1. Professor Dr. Mir Mohammad Azad, Professor, Department of CSE.

  2. Engr. Md. Monowar Hossain, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE.

Club Activities:

  1. Organize seminar, workshops.
  2. Job related counseling.
  3. Participated IT related contests.
  4. Creating job opportunity.

Future Plan:

  1. Organize job opportunity.
  2. Industry visit.
  3. Organize project showcasing contest.



Image Name Position Batch
   Niloy Saha  Advisor  2nd
   Ripon Chandra Sutradhar  6th
   Md. Beni Amin Rahat  11th
   Rabeya Akter Lima  President  17th
   Ahasan Ullah  Vice President  18th
   Md. Faruk Islam  Secretary  17th
   Mumtahina Mehjabin  Joint Secretary  18th