Prof. Dr. Faruque-Uz-Zaman Chowdhury

Dean (Additional Responsibilities), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences(FASS).

Currently, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) has two departments: English and Economics. There are 10 teachers in the Faculty from the rank of professor to lecturer. In the near future, we are going to add more departments such as Bangla, Law and Education. What we most value here is academic excellence. We promote teaching-learning and research of the highest quality. No doubt, we insist on the very best academic standards and practices. But alongside, we also want to be part of a university that makes an impression on the outside world, that influences the outside world, and that matters to the outside world. And we are on the highway of gaining a strong reputation on all fronts. The Faculty engages in student-centered planning and has put in place a set of commitments that make the Faculty a unique home for study with the corresponding vision and mission of the University.

We urge that by joining FASS, we will share in the standards set for ourselves, but more fundamentally we ask you to think of your education as something that will help you make an impact in your life and career beyond the University. We have ambitious programs to bring together the learning and training that we offer with real-world experience, including job-placements. We seek to harness many of the skills that you already possess, not least technical and digital skills, so that we can respond to how you learn and use your ability and experience to help you build a bright future for yourselves.

We can teach you a variety of subjects, and make them highly relevant to the world you live in today, but we can also help you to think about routes into employment or further training, or how to set up your own business after graduation. We care deeply about your learning. We offer small group work wherever possible and ensure that the way we teach has the strongest impact on you. We are always responsive to your changing needs.

To sum, our vast and enchanting campus—away from the busy city life—is characterized by an impressive array of extra-curricular talks and events, and our University is a stimulating place for a rich, cultural and social life. We are committed to the values of inclusiveness, opportunity, equality, and diversity. Join us, and help us make a difference.

I am proud of you (my students, faculty, and staff) and I believe that FASS is an inspiring community in which to live, work, and study.