Department of Unani Medicine


Dr. Md. Khairul Alam

Associate Professor & Head

Department of Unani Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Unani Medicine at Hamdard University Bangladesh!

We started our journey in the year of 2014.

This website is an overview of the aim, objectives, academic programs, research activities, research facilities, profiles of faculty members, and details of student co curricular and extracurricular activities as well as different necessary information regarding our department. We hope that if you are a current or former prospective undergraduate or graduate student, of this university or another university, or a visitor, you will find this website to be informative to understand all about of this department.

We updated the course contents periodically for introducing new concepts and knowledge for continuous development of the students in medical arena. Undergraduate students have to undertake various research projects under the supervision of faculty members.

Our endeavor is to make a group of unlighted people who may able to serve the community in the field of health. That is why we are committed to ensure that all our students will have a strong education with teaming and leadership skills, involvement in student activities, and with both practical and internship experience. We strongly believe that by emphasizing and encouraging these areas we will be able to make our students more qualified to take leadership roles in the future for humanity.

The department emphasizes both curricular and extra-curricular learning to develop the skills and competencies that can help the students for their professional success. By hands-on learning in classes, internships and leadership in different student clubs students gain the practical experiences. During staying in the department we also encourage and empower our students, those who have the vision, self-motivation, and courage to create their own start-up companies based on what they learn.

After visiting this website, If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by using `contact us’ options. You may also correspond with individual faculty members, or contact them by email, or cell numbers by using the information shown on the faculty pages. Our department looks forward to contribute in solving the present health problems and future health challenges with active participation from the wellbeing of human being.

Thank you for visiting us.