Mahmuda Akter

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Business Administration

Academic Qualifications:

  • BBA (RU)
  • MBA (RU)

Teaching & Research Interest:
Finance, Banking, Accounting,

Achievements & Awards:


Research & Publications :

Publication (Local):

  1. Akter, Mahmuda, & Hossan, Farooq. (2015). Green Banking in Bangladesh: Policy to Establish and Bank Management Attitude Towards it. Business Review-Bangladesh,4(1), 82-92.
  2. Hasan, Rakibul, & Akter, Mahmuda. (2015). Factora Affecting Employments Motivation in Banking Sector of Bangladesh. Journal of Hamdard University Bangladesh, 2(2).133-144.
  3. Hossan, Farooq, Akter, Mahmuda, & Ferdous Laboni. (2015). Mobile Advertising in the form of SMS and Potentials in Bangladesh. Green University Review, 2 (1), 79-91.

Publication (International):

  1. Kabir, K.M. & Akter, Mahmuda. (January 2019). Status of Working Women in Bangladesh: A Socioeconomic Study. Australasian Journal of Business, Social Science, Information and Technology (AJBSSIT). Volume 5 • Issue 1 • ISSN 2206-4451

International Conference:

  1. Research paper title’ Status of Working Women in Bangladesh; A socio- Economic Study’ has been presented of the International Conference on Business Management, Economics and Social Sciences (ICBMESS2016)’ during 21-23 December 2016 at The Westin Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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  • Joining Date: April 01, 2014