Zubaida Azad Shikha

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Academic Qualifications:

  • M.Sc. Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering (EEE).
  • B.Sc. Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering (EEE).



Teaching & Research Interest:
Nanophotonics, Electronics, Optical Communication

Achievements & Awards:

  1. Crowned with Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence.
  2. Active member of ROUTER (a club of Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna).
  3. Active member and blood donor of “Badhan” (The Club of Blood Donors’ of Khulna University).
  4. Prizes for different stage performance in Cadet College.
  5. Prizes for different indoor and outdoor sports, Athletics in Cadet College.
  6. Championship award for Table Tennis Competition in Khulna University from 2012 to 2016.
  7. Board Scholarships with merit position at different stages of Educational life.

Research & Publications :

  1. Himadri Shekhar Mondal, Mustafa Kamal Shahadat, Zubaida Azad Shikha, Md. Mahbub Hossain, “Impact of climatic variability on Aman rice production using fuzzy logic”. International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics, 2020 Vol.6 No.2, pp.123 – 134, 2020.

Supervision List:

Supervised 7 students

Quick Contact:

  • Contact Number: 01766565079
  • Email: zubaida.eee@hamdarduniversity.edu.bd
  • Employee ID: 110042
  • Joining Date: May 21, 2018