Md. Mamunur Roshid

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science Engineering and Technology

Academic Qualifications:

  • M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics
  • B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematics

Teaching & Research Interest:
Nonlinear Ordinary and partial differential equation, Mathematical Modeling and Physics, Biomathematics, Plasma Physics, Applied Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis.

Achievements & Awards:

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Research & Publications :


  1. Md. Mamunur Roshid and Harun-Or-Roshid, “Exact and explicit traveling wave solutions to some nonlinear evolution equations arises in plasma physics and incompressible visco-elastic Kelvin-voigt fluid”, HELIYON_2017_3924.[I. F.=1.69]
  2. Md. Mamunur Roshid, Harun-Or-Roshid, M. Zulfikar Ali and Hadi Rezazadeh, “Kinky periodic pulse and interaction of bell wave with kink pulse wave propagation in nerve fibers and wall motion in liquid crystals” ,Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics manuscript number - [EMID:29df152b06aa3436]
  3. Md. Mamunur Roshid and Md. Habibul Bashar, “Breather Wave and Kinky Periodic Wave Solutions of One-Dimensional Oskolkov Equation”, Mathematical modeling and Engineering problems, 6(3); (2019), 460-466.
  4. M. M. Roshid, M. F. Karim, M. M. Rahman and Tahmina Sultana, "New Solitonic and Rogue wave solutions of Klein-Gordon equation with quadratic nonlinearity", Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics manuscript number - [EMID:29df152b06aa3436]
  5. H. O. Roshid, Md. Mamunur Roshid, Nizhum Rahman and Mst. RaziaPervin, “New solitary wave solution in shallow water and ion acoustic plasma waves in-terms of two nonlinear models via MSE method”, Propulsion and Power Research, 6(1);(2017) 49–57.
  6. Md Shafiqul Islam1 , Md Mamunur Roshid2 , A K M Lutfor Rahman and M Ali Akbar, “Solitary wave solutions in plasma physics and acoustic gravity waves of some nonlinear evolution equations through enhanced MSE method”, Journal of Physics communication, 6 (12),
  7. Mst. Shekha Khatun, Selina Akter and Md. Mamunur Roshid, “Novel Localized Excitations Structures with Fusion and Fission Properties to a (2 + 1)-Dimensional Breaking Soliton Equation”, J. Appl. Comput. Math (2020) 6: 11. Research Book: [1]. H. O. Roshid and Md. Mamunur Roshid, “Exact Traveling Wave Solutions of Some Nonlinear Models MSE and EMSE Methods” lambert academic publication, march, 2020.


  1. Attended at a seminar on “6th National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad 2014”, Bangladesh
  2. Attended at a seminar on “4th National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad 2012”, Bangladesh.
  3. Participated at a Workshop on “Optimization” during 21-22 September, 2012, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh.

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  • Joining Date: March 02, 2022