Hamdard stands for the happiness of all. In the tradition of Hamdard, the community of scholars at HUB is committed in the pursuit of truth, academic excellence, and advancement of knowledge. The mission of the University is to provide value-added education to all students in its constituent institutions. The doors of the University are open to members of every caste, color and creed; the culture of the University permits the advancement of creative thoughts embedded in Hamdard Philosophy.

The University welcomes and respects those whose lives are formed by different traditions and customs recognizing their important contributions to a pluralistic society and to an atmosphere of open discussion essential for broadening higher faculties of mind. As a community of learners, the University encourages brotherhood, mutual learning, shared decision making, and intellectual/ academic freedom.

Quality education is the prime objective of the University providing opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, cultural, and physical growth. Instilling knowledge, norms, values, and skills in our students are the driving forces of the academic life here. Along this line, the University is striving for promoting values which characterize higher education and creative learning. These values include academic integrity, protection of intellectual capital, freedom, the rigorous quest for understanding of truth, justice, prudence, temperance, fortitude and compassion. These commitments of the University will permeate on all its academic programs, as provided in the teaching of Hamdard Philosophy. The University continues to promoting individual responsibility, respect for each other and diversity of views needed for the development of a community of learners.