The word ‘Hamdard’ is derived from two Persian words: ‘Ham’ means a friend or companion and ‘Dard’ means pain. Hamdard thus means a companion of pain or who shares the pain of others. Hamdard as an organization and as a commercial venture is well known in Asia for its unique nature. It is, by far, the biggest Unani (Natural) Medicine manufacturing concern in the world.

In fact, Hamdard began its solemn journey as a health service provider and later expanded its activities promoting education and other scientific research to help improve the living standards of the people. Hence, as the word implies, Hamdard is continuously endeavoring to eliminate the sufferings of the humanity.

In such endeavors, both Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh and Hamdard Foundation Bangladesh have played pivotal roles in scaling up the business of the organization under the versatile leadership of Dr Hakim Mohammad Yousuf Harun Bhuiyan, the architect of modern Hamdard and the founder of Hamdard University Bangladesh (HUB).